Sponsoring Pole Theatre Sydney is an exciting opportunity to get your brand in front of hundreds of thousands of people via social media, and hundreds of people live on the night in our audience at the spectacular NIDA theatre. Pole Theatre is the world's largest pole competition, with a presence in over 20 countries worldwide. It is a night of incredible talent and performance, showcasing the world's most entertaining and awe-inspiring pole athletes and artists. 


The pole dancer demographic is majority female aged 25-35, with an active and social lifestyle. We are looking to partner with fun and edgy brands to promote your product our service to our community of pole dancers! For more information, email us at poletheatresydney@gmail.com 


‘Pole Theatre’ was founded by world-renowned sisters Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle. 

‘Pole Theatre’ is a global franchise with competitions running in 25 countries around the world; with the finalists competing in the ‘Pole Theatre World’ competition held in a different city each year. Pole Theatre Sydney is now in its 8th year and will be held on July 4th at the beautiful NIDA Parade Theatre, Kensington NSW.


It is a night of incredible talent and performance, showcasing Australia's most entertaining and awe-inspiring pole athletes and artists. The focus of this competition is on the art of performance, with four categories; Pole Art, Pole Comedy, Pole Drama, and Pole Classique.


We are offering limited sponsorships options from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond to the right brand. Have a look through our info pack and secure your spot today.

We can also create a custom advertising package to best meet your company’s marketing needs. Please contact us to find out how to take advantage of these custom sponsorship opportunities.


X-Pole Australia

Our competitors will be dancing on competition grade, 40 mm brass X-Poles, the number one selling pole world-wide.

Pole Dance Academy

The Pole Dance Academy delivers a fun way to stay fit, feel sexy and look fabulous! Created by women for women - explore your inner minx in a friendly and supportive environment. www.poledanceacademy.com.au

Hello Gypsy Life

All the ingredients you need to create your very own gypsy life no matter where you are in the world! All our items are hand-selected for you, and are perfect for roaming the world and having adventures in the sun.  We keep costs low for you by offering you free shipping on all orders! www.hellogypsylife.com/

XPERT Teacher Training

The award winning XPERT Pole & Aerial Fitness is one of the largest Pole & Aerial teacher training programs worldwide.  

Recognised around the world, XPERT prides itself on its trainers and top-notch content developed by our Fitness Education Specialists. Have you ever considered becoming a qualified pole teacher? Find out more: www.xpertpolefitness.com/

PDA Summer Pole Camp

Held on 8-14 January 2018, the PDA Summer Pole Camp is the biggest camp in Australia hosting over 100 workshops over the week. Hosted by Pole Dance Academy, the camp is located at the 3 PDA studios as well as Bondi beach. Come for 1 class or 20, this is a polers idea of heaven to kickstart the new year!


Shimmy & Sparkle

Beautiful pole wear, active wear and swim wear! Designed to be sexy, fun, functional and provide perfect coverage for all your craziest pole tricks. Designed and tested by Michelle Shimmy & Maddie Sparkle. www.shimmyandsparkle.com/



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