General Information for Pole Theatre Eligibility

Please note that competitors will be required to sign a rules and regulations document containing the following information. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.


1. Entry is open to anyone aged over 18 years. Any entrants aged 16-18 are permitted to enter Pole Art, Pole Comedy or Pole Drama with a written consent from a parent or guardian, which must be submitted along with their application. Entrants under 18 are not permitted to enter Pole Classique, even with parental consent.

2. Entry is open to national and international competitors.


3. If the Pole Theatre in your preferred country has different divisions, you must enter the division that suits your level: Amateur, Semi-Professional or Professional. Click here to view the division definitions.

4. Groups may enter Pole Theatre Sydney. They must enter into the category of the highest achieving performer in the group in accordance to the level definitions. Click here to view the division definitions.


Applicants will be selected based on two elements:

  1. the entrant’s description of their proposed Pole Theatre performance; and

  2. A video entry of a previous performance, either a live performance or based on the competitors intended Pole Theatre performance description. Video entries will be judged on pole skill and performance ability.


It is not compulsory for the video submitted to be of the entrant’s intended performance, but be aware that it will assist the judges to understand the entrant’s vision if it is.

Props, Costumes, etc
1. Performers are permitted to use any props, sets, costuming, additional performers, sound effects, performance apparatus or footwear, provided that:
a ) the space allows for it physically;
b) it can be easily transported on a plane; and
c) It can be set up and completely removed in under 2 minutes.

2. Any use of the above items should be described in the applicant's entry

Competitors & Performance

  1. Competitors must arrive at the venue at their allocated time on the day for rehearsals.

  2. Competitors must ensure they have warmed up and stretched properly prior to performing.

  3. Competitors must not consume alcohol or any prohibited substance prior to performing.

  4. Performances must be between 3 and 4 mins long. All performances that exceed 4 minutes will have their music cut on the night and lose points.

  5. You must notify the Organisers by email of any significant changes to your planned performance no later than 2 weeks before the date of the final. Any significant changes to the performance after that date are not permitted without Organiser approval.

  6. Judging criteria will be sent out to all successful competitors.

Pole Theatre consists of 4 categories. Applicants may select more than one category to enter. Applicants must select one of the following categories per entry, and pay an entry fee for each entry:

1. Pole Art
The category of Pole Art is for performances incorporating another dance style (e.g. lyrical, contemporary, commercial, latin, ballet etc) to create a performance that is artistic in style. Competitors must submit a theme, and will be judged on how effectively they interpret their theme through their chosen dance style. Competitors will be judged on artistry, musicality and flow. Competitors are expected to create a performance that demonstrates an artistic interpretation of their theme through movement, dance and music on the pole.

Failure to incorporate another style of dance will result in an immediate 5 point deduction. 

2. Pole Drama
The category of Pole Drama is for performances that tell a story. Competitors will be expected to build a clear storyline in their performance. The story must be clear. It is not enough to choose a theme or motif. The story must have a premise, development and conclusion. 

For example, stating “My story will be about love and loss” will not be sufficient. A better entry would be more explicit in describing the storyline, for example: 

“My story will be about a young woman who is in love with someone who doesn’t love her back. She attempts to reach that person physically and emotionally, but they remain untouchable in spite of her efforts. She attempts to make him fall in love with her through her movement, but he walks away from her. She is heartbroken and full of anger, until she sees a beautiful bird fly past her, up and away. She longs for that freedom, and realises that she is the one holding herself back. Ultimately, she realises she must accept rejection, and in doing so she learns that she must face her own demons to be able to move forward and find happiness. My story will finish when she steps forward out of the darkness and into the light, representing that she is resolved to move forward and be strong on her own.” 

In the above second description, the storyline is clear and the judges will be able to see if the competitor has effectively conveyed their message to the audience.

Failure to have a clear storyline with will result in a low or zero point scoring in the “storyline development” category (worth 10 points). 

3. Pole Comedy
The category of Pole Comedy is for performances that incorporate humorous and comedic elements. Competitors will be judged on how well they entertain and engage the audience. 

4. Pole Classique
The category of Pole Classique is for performances that celebrate the beauty and art of the sexy or sensual style of pole dance and striptease. Competitors must wear heels for at least part of their performance (minimum 1 minute). Competitors are required to remove at least one item of their costume in this category, in a such a way that the removal of the costume is incorporated into the performance. G-strings, pasties etc are permitted in some countries - please check with the Organiser.

Failure to wear heels or failure to remove a costume item will result in an immediate deduction of 5 points per violation (maximum possible deduction is 10 points in total if competitor does not comply with these requirements). 

To enter view the judging criteria for each category click here.

Not sure what category to enter?

watch our "categories defined" video to get more info/examples:

Terms & Conditions of Entry
Please note that further terms, conditions and rules will apply and may vary from country to country. Failure to agree and comply with the following rules will result in disqualification.  

Competitors and Performance

  1. Competitors must arrive at the venue at their allocated time on the day for rehearsals. 

  2. Competitors must ensure they have warmed up and stretched properly prior to performing. 

  3. Competitors must not consume alcohol or any prohibited substance prior to performing. 

  4. Performances must be between 3 and 4 min long.

  5. Any significant changes to the performance as described in the application stage are not permitted without Organiser approval. Competitors MUST ADVISE the Organiser if there will be a clean up required after their performance, and must gain Organiser approval.

Waiver of liability

  1. The competitors acknowledge and accept that Pole Dance Academy, its owners, staff (the Organisers) and The (Venue) staff and owners (“Venue Related Parties”) are not responsible for injury or damage resulting from participation in the competition, including the competitors’ arrival and departure from the competition.

  2. The competitors acknowledge that pole dance is a dangerous activity and as such the competitors voluntarily accept the risks associated in participating in the competition.

  3. The competitors waive to the full extent permitted by law all legal rights of action against and fully releases the Venue and Venue Related Parties and the Organisers and Related Parties for the loss, damages, or injury howsoever arising out of or in relation to the participation by the competitors in the activities conducted or organised by the Organisers and Related Parties including without limitation, liability for any negligent or tortious act or omission, breach of duty, breach of contract or breach of statutory duty on the part of the Organisers or Related Parties


  1. Competitors are aware that they will be photographed or videoed during their performance, and that the event may be livestreamed.

  2. The competitor acknowledges that photos or video may be published by the Organisers.

  3. The competitor releases all rights or claims over any photos or videos, and acknowledges that such material is the property of and can be used by the Organisers for promotional or other uses, without compensation to the competitor.

  4. Competitors may film their own performances and post 1 min clips to social media. Competitors may post their full performances publicly 8 weeks after the event is over, but not before - unless Pole Theatre has released the official videos.

  5. Competitors may film their own performances.